Chamber Filter Press

Membrane Filter Press

Belt Filter Press

Drum Filters

Vacuum Belt Disc Filters

Gravity Belt Thickeners

Horizontal Belt Filters

Screw Presses

Sludge Dryers

This equipment can be found extensively in Solid Liquid Separation for dewatering of Industrial waste slurry includes:

·   Sugar Refining, Kaolin, Pure Clay & Ceramic products

·   Textile dyeing, Electroplating, Metal Refining, Iron & Steel

·   PCB Manufacturing, Rubber products, Leather Tanneries

·   Acetylene Gas production, Printing Industries, Industrial chemicals, Paint manufacturing, Food Processing plant

·   Paper & Fiberboard manufacturing, Fatty alcohol processing

·   Dyestuff & Pigments, Oleochemicals production

·   Carrageenan, Tapioca, Seasoning Sauce, Pharmaceuticals

Vibrodynamics Screen Separators Screening, Sizing, Sifting, Dedusting, Classifying (Multiple Fraction Separation), Safety Check Screening, Filtration Product Refining, Dewatering, Liquid Recovery

Solid Washing

Pressure Leaf Filters Model

–      Vertical and Horizontal

–      Dry Cake and Wet Cake Discharge

Process Filters used for Edible Oil Industry, Food and Chemical Industries such as Niagarra, Amafilter, LFC, Lochem, Sparkler and Funda


–   Used for bleaching application, Crude coconut oil, Hydrogenated and Post Bleached Filtration, Winterizing & Polishing applications.

–   Supply of filter leaves for all brands including rescreening

Conveyors Chains and Sprockets Palm Oil mill chains, Bucket elevator chains, Baggasse & Cane conveyor chains, Apron conveyor chains and Special Adapted transmission chains
Gearboxes Worms drives, Coupling motors, Geared motors and SMSR Industrial reducers, Motion control and special products
Pumps Centrifugal pumps, Self-Priming pump, Chemical Process pumps. Thermal Oil pump, Oil Skimmer pump, Vertical sump pump, Mixed Floe Pump, Diaphragm pump, Dosing pump and Kewcracker
Filter Cloth for Liquid Filtration For various Filtration equipment such as Filter Press

Rotary Drum Vacuum Filters, Vertical & Horizontal Pressure Leaf Filters, Centrifuge, Rotary Disc Filters, Vacuum Belt Filters. Cloths are available in different categories such as Open Mesh fabric, Monofilament, Multifilament, & Staple fabric woven type. These are fabricated either as barrel neck cloth or overhang cloth.


Available in roll stock and fully made up materials such as Polypropylene, Polyester, Nylon Cotton, Nomex, Saran, Glass, Kynar, Acrylic Media for high end application such as PEEK, PTFE, PVDF

Filter Cloth for Dry Filtration Filter Bags for various Dust collectors’ systems for various types such as Pulse Jet systems, reverse air or shaker types. Conductive fabrics for Fluid Bed Dryers, Controlled pore size screen fabric for sifting, classifying and vibratory separation equipment, Material Non-Woven needlefelt Polyester Polypropylene, Nomex, Teflon including venturis, cages, valves, magnahelic gauges etc. and Industries serve such as Cement, Pharmaceuticals, food

Chemical industries.

Filter Housings and Vessels Stainless Steel Cartridge & Bag Housing – Low & High Pressure, high Flow Multi Cartridge Filter Housing, High Flow Multi Bag Filter Housings, Single Cartridge Stainless Housings, Plastic Filter Housings, Pure Polypropylene Filter Housings, and UPVC Filter Housings.
Filter Cartridges and Filter Bags Membrane pleated and Absolute rated cartridges, String wound, Activated Carbon, Stainless cartridges, Polypropylene, Polyester, Nomex bags, Anode bags
Automatic Self-Cleaning Filters

Steel & Plastic filters

Manual or Semi-automatic

Water filtration for various industries such as Automotive paper, textile, Municipal Filtration: Hospitals, Commercial centers, High-rise buildings, Hotels. Water Treatment: Drinking water, Green Houses. Irrigation Filtration: Protecting drippers, Micro-jets, Sprinklers, irrigation equipment using river, well, surface water as well as treated sewage water
Air Filters HVAC Systems Supply of Synthetic Filter medias, Panel Filters, Bag Filters

Compact cassette, Hepa filters, Activated Carbon filters

Application such as General Airconditioning, Spray booth

Filters, Industrial cleaning of Air/ Gas, Indoor Air Quality

Purification systems such as Air cleaners for Dust, odors

smoke, Dust Collector systems, Auto roll Machines,

source capture arm air cleaners., Wet & Dry scrubbers

Process Filter Belts Synthetic & Metal Woven Process belts used for Belt press, Dryers, Conveyors, Vacuum Belt filters, Pan Filters, Textile Treating machines, Non-woven production and Drum Filters.


Field of Application such as Sewage/ Sludge, Fruit

juice extraction, Paper sludge, coal and Ore Mining, Pasta Drying and FGD Gypsum dewatering

Welded Wedge Wire

Filter elements

Static sieves for dewatering or classifying

Used as candle filters, nozzles, resin traps, Catalyst

retention, baskets, distributors & collectors


Laterals, water intake screens, smoke gas filtration, rotary screen, used as curve screens, cylinders, conical baskets

Woven Wire Mesh cloth Woven Wire cloth used as filtration medias materials such as SS316, Incolloy, Hastelloy for Solid/Liquid filtration. Mesh apertures from 0.025 mm to 14 mm and widths up to 3 meters. Sintered wire mesh laminates for applications in the field of filtration and Fluidization of bulk materials in gravity conveyors, bulk materials, storage silos and driers and coolers
Compressed Air Treatment Systems Compressed Air Filters, Desiccant Dryers

Refrigerated Dryers, Aftercoolers, Drains

Oil Separators, Breathing Air Purification Systems

Condensate Management Systems

Sanitary Inline Strainers Inline Strainers, Side inlet strainers, Wire Mesh Over screens and Wedge Wire Strainer elements.
Apex Diamond Plate Applications:


·        For conveyor wear liner

·        Worm Screw Enhancement

·        Cyclone Cone

·        Ripple Mill Rod

·        Boiler grate

·        FFB Cage

·        Thermal Coat for Boiler Chimney Internals

·        For Induced Draft Fan

Welding Electrodes Welding Electrodes ME22 – Austenitic Ferritic Electrode for High Strength & Crack Resistant


Welding Electrodes ME33 – Ferro Nickel Electrode for welding all grades of cast iron for machinable deposit


Welding Electrodes ME57 – Quality Tough Abrasive Overlay Electrode


Millard BV – Hard Facing Electrode 600 BHN

Welding Set c/w Accessories Arc Engineer Welder Machine

Arc Engineer Heating Oven

Arc Engineer Helmet

Putty Titanium Putty – for non-weldable high chrome cast iron crack

Ceramic Putty – for rebuilding worn out pumps to original dimension

Ceramic Coat – for erosion worn pump casting recoating