Company Profile

DIFFERENTIAL PRESSURES TECHNOLOGY INC. was established in year 2004 to primarily provide various customers with solid solution / reliable process filtration equipment and consumables in the field of Solid-Liquid Separation. Our accumulated knowledge has enabled us to specify the best filtration equipment and consumables . We continuously strive ourselves to delight our customers ensuring content in all our business relationship.

Our mission is to provide the highest value in the market at the lowest cost and be recognized as a provider of quality filtration products and personalize services , the preferred partners for all our customers.

Our core products are Pressure Leaf Filters, Chamber/Membrane Filter Presses/Sludge Dryers , Vibratory Separators and various consumable filtration medias.

Whatever your filter requirements are, it pays to talk to a Filtration Specialist at DIFFERENTIAL PRESSURES TECHNOLOGY INC.

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